A Place In My Heart feat.moumoon / tricolor meets Koichi TABO

tricolor / Lorient

Bon dance pour la famille

tricolor BIGBAND / Across the Border

tricolor / The Wedding

tricolor Big Band / Migratory

tricolor / 5th Album『うたう日々』トレーラー映像

tricolor / 生活のうた

tricolor / last autumn

tricolor / Letter from Barcelona

tricolor / Railway Polka

tricolor / Sing Bird

Slap Stick in the POTSTILL

tricolor Live 2012 @ LIFE

無印良品 ATELIER MUJI「冬至祭-音楽の冬至祭-」
Irish Music Trio “tricolor”
Three musicians playing several instruments.
Folk Music of Ireland.
copyright tricolor allright reserved.
photo Jiro Matsushita, Tatsuya Hirota / Illustration Amigos Koike, Sumi Ikebe